Open Banking
Open Banking
Designing innovative solutions with an international perspective
What does it mean to work here?

We aim at establishing a new model of intermediation based on open technological platforms

We design and launch new, highly innovative products and services based on the best possible customer experience.

We operate in Milan, Biella, Turin and Rome; this is where we design of our entrepreneurial projects.

The 50s
The first Data processing centre is established
The Data processing Centre becomes the Electronic Centre, following the introduction of PCs The 60s
The 70s
Pioneer in Italy in the use of the Chubb machine, ancestor of the modern ATMs. �Real time� adoption, in circularity, at bank tellers. A new way of asset management is introduced: Banca Sella is among the pioneer banks to sell Treasury Bills (BOT) at its branches
The 80s
Beginning of the Electronic Payment Systems business. Societ� Autostrade (The Italian motorway company) chooses Banca Sella to test the Viacard product.

The Group is among the first movers in Italy to have an Asset Management company as well as to offer its clients investment Funds
Among the pioneer banks to launch its website (which will become in 2000).

Among the pioneer banks in seizing the opportunity to develop IT international synergies, thanks to the establishment of Selir, in Romania
Among the first Principal Member for the payment Schemes Visa e MasterCard (only 4 banks in Italy).

Sella Synergy India, the Global In house Center (CIG) of financial and banking solutions is established
1997 - 1998
Among the first to provide a real time Internet Banking service in Italy.

First mover for the first e-commerce solution in Italy.

First real time online trading transaction
First mover in the development of a banking app for iPhone.

The Banks enters the world of Social Media with �La Banca che Piace�, the community dedicated to its Clients (that can vote for the best products and make suggestions).
Banca Sella issues co-branded prepaid cards with important players.

The Bank opens its official Facebook page aimed at bettering the sharing of ideas and involvement of its Clients.
Mobile payment Systems: launch of UP Mobile.

The Bank promotes entrepreneurship by creating SellaLab: the company accelerator.

First mover with its Home Banking app on Facebook
The bank introduces Light Banking with HYPE, the new digital currency solution �powered by� Banca Sella 2015
Launch of API powered banking services. Banca Sella is among the first movers for the integration of the Apple Pay technology

We aim at establishing a new model of intermediation based on open technological platforms

In the Open Banking area you'll find a young team, used to think out of the box and always looking for new ways to improve, change and experiment.

We work by following the Agile methodology and in constant touch with the fintech ecosystem. We are determined, resilient and ready to learn.